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Whether it's a final polish on spelling and grammar (standard editing), more in-depth assistance with sentence structure and language, or an overhaul on a problematic manuscript, I'm here for all your needs.

Grant Writing

Each grant call has it's own set of specifications and guidelines, which can be tedious to navigate through. In addition to revising language, I can also assist with preparing your grant in accordance with the necessary requirements and format, and writing non-scientific sections (i.e. outreach and impact).

Poster Design

Let's be honest: designing a poster takes a LOT of time. If you don't have the time (or patience), I can design a creative and impactful poster that will give your research the attention it deserves.

Data Entry et al.

Do you have field notes that need to be transcribed? Half-written manuscripts? I can help tie up those loose ends and clean off the desktop.

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